Rector’s Newsletter Article for April, 2010

re: Safeguarding God’s Children

Dear Members and Friends of St. Paul’s Church in Troy.

My ministry partner and wife, Marianne, and I have been providing sex abuse prevention training in the Diocese of Albany for over six years. I would like to take this opportunity to urge the St. Paul’s clergy, staff, volunteers, and members to participate in training or  re-training for the prevention of child abuse. Our Diocese requires that all individuals who have ministries with children and youth receive certification.

You are invited to the next regional “Safeguarding God’s Children” program which will be presented at Grace and Holy Innocents Church, 498 Clinton Avenue Albany, NY, (518-465-1112), on May 22, 2006 from 9:00AM to 1:00 PM.

The “Safeguarding God’s Children” program was developed by the Church Insurance Company in concert with Presidium, a consulting firm that specializes in the production of professional programs, videos and text materials for churches and not- for-profit groups. This particular program was developed in response to a resolution adopted by the House of Bishops at General Convention. These seminars are aimed toward the prevention of sexual abuse of children and is specifically directed to help parishes develop their own policies and procedures to that end.

Safeguarding God’s Children provides participants with the information they need to protect the children they know and care for in their personal lives and the ministries in which they serve. The program is based on the philosophy that if every adult can protect just one child, they will forever change one life. If we can all change one life, together we will make a difference in this generation of children. The focus is on having parishes develop a culture that supports an attitude of protection of children from predators. In addition, resources are provided that can help Churches develop policies and procedures that are compatible with the constraints and gifts of each parish.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Gorchov


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