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Chair Parts

December 23, 2016

I’m starting to make the parts for four chairs in red oak. The old chairs we have are falling apart. The chairs I’m making are based on a 1940s production chair.


Prototype in pine without the front legs tapered and without lower stretchers.

The changes from the original include a slightly thicker back leg in order to make the lower leg narrower from the side view. The original chair has round stretchers, and these will be rectangular in the new chairs.


Thin layers sawed for the bent laminated crest rails.


Glue-up of a laminated crest rail.


After the crest rails are removed from the form they are edge-jointed and sawed to width. The slot for the back splat is routed with the crest rail clamped back in the bending form.


Router jig for making the slots.


Routing a slot in a crest rail.


Four crest rails waiting for the rest of the chairs to be built.