Chairs . . . slowly

Side chairs present a number of difficulties. The chairs I am making have back legs that are spread out at the top three degrees so that the legs are closer together at the floor. This keeps the footprint of the chair small. The back legs are also turned in three degrees. This simply looks better.

The seat on this type of chair is narrower in the back, and wider at the front. The side rails are joined to the front and back legs with angled tenons. A tenon here is the projection on the end of the rail that goes through a rectangular hole (a mortise) in the leg. The back rail has compound angled tenons joining it to the rear legs.

The side rails turn out from the back rail nine degrees. But since the back legs are turned in three degrees the rear tenon angle must account for this. The rear tenons on the side rails also need to be tilted three degrees vertically to accommodate the splay of the back legs.



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