Crayola retires crayon colors?! Who knew?


I have no idea what Mr. Twisty-Tie is up to.

I was listening to Bloomberg News and there was a report that Crayola had retired the color “Dandelion.” This news quite upset me. I thought the Crayola crayon colors were standard and never changed. Nobody consulted me about this!

I went on the Crayola website and found out that they’ve been doing this for years. At least they have a Hall of Fame for retired crayons. The website states that Dandelion was taken on a tour of all his favorite places before he was retired. So, it’s better than I thought.

But I did get to remembering that I was in awe (envious, I mean) of a couple of kids who had the box with the 48 (or was it 64?) crayons and a sharpener built into the side. All I ever had was the regular box of eight crayons.

So, then I went on Amazon and found a kit with 152 different crayons plus a sharpener for $10 (the packaging was beat-up, but otherwise fine). I bought that thing in a heartbeat! It’s amazing! It’s got a yellow plastic carrier with four compartments for the crayons, a central handle, and a slot with a really nice sharpener. And it has a Dandelion crayon too!

Childhood pain healed for $10? What a deal!


2 Responses to “Crayola retires crayon colors?! Who knew?”

  1. Thomas Hughes Mechanical Theatres Says:

    Good for you Michael! One can never have enough drawing supplies. As a lapsed Catholic but a practicing woodworker I wanted to write a comment on discovering your blog. As it turns out I just aquired a new (to me) robland x31 that I am setting up in my new studio space. Your robland insights are helpful, and maybe a bit intimidating, but I have faith. Thanks for posting. Best wishes, Thomas Hughes

    • michaelgorchov Says:

      I was a lapsed RC for 20 years, and then went to divinity school to become a priest in the Episcopal Church. Things happen! I went to my first church 17 years ago. Now in my 14th year at St. Paul’s! The Robland is working great, and I am re-establishing a collection of shaper tooling now. That stuff gets expensive. I really dislike routers. and especially router tables. Anyway, hope your X31 project comes off well, and let me know if I can help. M+

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